BE Fleet Forklift Fleet Safety and Productivity Management

    Safety pays. For your people, equipment and your business.

    As more and more top businesses look to reduce costs, safety has taken on a new connotation; as a bottom line savior. Continuing to battle rising healthcare premiums and avoidable damage costs, companies are now relying on best safety practices and programs to drive these expenses down. BE Fleet’s “BE-SAFE” program can help your business revolutionize its safety practices and realize impactful savings across every function and operation.

    Program development

    The key to safety success is a robust and well-administered program. It can be difficult to know where to start when developing a savings-oriented safety program or maximizing your existing program to create the largest bottom-line impact. BEFleet can help by providing on-site administrative and operational safety audits to identify compliance requirements and costly practices. Our long-tenured safety consultants will then help formulate policies, plans, and implementation schedules designed to have the largest positive impact in the smallest amount of time.


    Safety starts with your people. Through customizable sessions for both equipment operators and safety managers, BE Fleet Safety Training solutions can ensure not only compliance; they will help your bottom line by reducing avoidable damage, lowering OSHA recordable incidents, and keeping health insurance premiums at a manageable level.

    On-board safety solutions

    Take control of operational safety by giving safety managers real-time operator visibility for the entire fleet. BE Fleet provides revolutionary mobile safety solutions that add new dimensions to safety management and allow managers to directly control how the fleet is operated. BE Fleet SpeedShield allows you to set operator-specific operational speed limits, review paperless pre-shift checklists, and can even notify you instantly when an impact occurs. Click here to find out more…