Aggravated burglaries spike worries police face a public outcry

Aggravated burglaries spike worries police face a public outcry

New York, NY — A newly released NYPD Uniform Crime Report highlights an alarming increase in the number of violent crimes in Queens. Police say the number of assaults and robberies has jumped, and the numbers are so startling they are being called’staggering.’

The report said the majority of crimes ar바카라사이트e occurring in the city’s Lower East Side, and in fact, the majority of the city’s reported burglaries — 66 percent — take place in the area known as ‘The Battery,’ where the violence occurred.

“This is not an isolated incident,” Deputy Chief of Detectives Kevin바카라 Donovan told CNN’s “New Day.”

This report goes into detail into the borough’s increasing criminal behavior. From December 1st through December 28th there was a 14 percent increase in crimes — or 1,082 incidents. That’s an increase of 23 percent — a large spike in crime, according to the new report. The report also said a police commander in Queens — who spoke on condition of anonymity — said the borough’s crime-ridden streets are just getting worse — especially when you factor in the fact police are being asked to respond to these crnatyasastra.comimes in the middle of the day.

Donovan added, “The violence has grown so much that we are concerned that we will be more vigilant for these crimes.”

“Violent crime is continuing to rise in our borough,” Deputy Chief of Detectives Kevin Donovan.

According to the report, the majority of crimes are occurring in the Lower East Side, and there’s a significant number of crimes which fall under the category of ‘Arson’ or ‘Domestic Assault’ — the two most common types of crimes reported in the borough.

“It’s no secret that violence is a risk to any New Yorker,” Donovan said. “The violence that occurs on our streets is a stark reminder that the residents of the city are on the front lines of our fight against the worst of the world.”

The report shows that a total of 27,072 reported crimes in the year ending December 31, 2018. However, this number only represents crimes that are reported, and not those that have already occurred.

So as the New York Times, which originally reported this story, points out, the report doesn’t indicate if violent crimes have risen or fallen. A spokesperson for NYPD says the department is still collecting crime statistics.

“The NYPD’s Crime in NYC (CINCPAC) counts the number of reported crimes b

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